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At River Road Partners, we take pride in providing our customers with the quality they deserve. Our certified evaluators make it easy for you to take the next steps in protecting your home and family from severe weather. We work directly with FORTIFIED roofers and contractors to ensure all FORTIFIED standards are met so you can feel confident with your FORTIFIED home ™ going into this storm season.

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01 Contact River Road Partners to Determine if your Home Qualifies

Let us help you determine if building FORTIFIED could be right for your home. Once you decide to go FORTIFIED, you'll need an evaluator to verify that all FORTIFIED standards have been met so you can receive your FORTIFIED designation.

02 Hire a FORTIFIED Roofer or Contractor

To get a FORTIFIED designation, you'll need a contractor and evaluator who will verify that all FORTIFIED standards have been met. River Road Partners can help you find the right roofer/contractor for the job.

03 Be Prepared for the Next Storm

A team of FORTIFIED experts at IBHS will review all documentation provided by our evaluators and issue your FORTIFIED designation. You can rest easy knowing your home has the best chance at surviving the next storm.

Our Assessment

Could FORTIFIED be right for you?

Anyone can use the construction upgrades required by the FORTIFIED standard to improve their home’s resistance to storms. However, some types of residential construction are not eligible for a FORTIFIED designation. See if your home is eligible for a designation and the insurance incentives that often come with one.

Interested in protecting more than just your roof, or do you want to protect something other than a single-family home from severe weather? We can help you figure out the best next steps for your situation.

Our evaluators understand the FORTIFIED requirements and the documentation IBHS needs to ensure your home meets the strict standard for designation. We will walk you through every step of the FORTIFIED process.

Could a FORTIFIED Home be right for you? Take our short assessment to learn more!

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Looks like it may be time to replace your roof. Enter your name, email, contact number, and zip code and one of our trained FORTIFIED evaluators with River Road Partners will reach out to you to help start the FORTIFIED home process. We will get you in touch with some highly recommended FORTIFIED roofers/contractors your area to help assist with the process as well.

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